Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fear Fighting...When Life Doesn't Fight Fair

Fear fighting made simple. Just do like it says above. Live life. Repeat. Oh, if it were only so simple. Fear, it's one of the things authors love to write about. There are a million quotes how to over come it and the phrase "Fear not" is repeated multiple times in the Bible.

If we are talking about battles, fear is formidable foe. He's sneaky and sly. He attacks stealthily with a unique approach as individual as the opponent. Fear is relentless. He can be irrational or totally justified. He can slow you down, fuel your passions, or paralyze you indefinitely. So how do you fight fear and come out victorious? Is this even possible?

First of all, let me tell you that yes. Yes it is possible. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get real. I know what it's like to live a fear ridden life. I know what being paralyzed by fear can do because I've suffered the consequences of choices based solely on the fears that burdened me. I know that years and years of fears buried will eventually lead to full blown anxiety. You know what else I know? I know what freedom from fear feels like, what it taste like, and how amazing life can be without it.

So when a friend recommended a book by the title Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie, I was immediately drawn to it and curious. The more I dug into this book, the more I realized how I was not alone, how far I had come, but more importantly how many fears I was still holding on to. Yes, though the Lord had freed me from anxiety and fear, the more I opened my heart to the message that Kelly was sharing, the more I realized that there were these "little" pockets of fear buried deeply in my soul. And though I thought they weren't paralyzing, they were stopping me from living truly free. There were areas of my soul that screaming and yearning to be expressed.

Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie

In my case, one of the recurring fears was the fear of what people would think of me. This one fear, stopped me from writing, creating, and expressing myself. I allowed it to silence my voice. And if I'm totally honest, it stopped me from writing this post till the very last minute. How many other opportunities would I miss because of fear disguised as being socially graceful? If there were only one thought that I could tattoo into heart the way Jesus has my name engraved in the palm of His hands, it would be this:

"Sometimes you have to keep on marching into what God has promised you even when life wants to make a fool out of you" - pg.83

That's my invitation to you my friend. Keep marching into what God has promised you. Soldiers march. They are relentless. They are equipped for the battle. They are fear fighters and SO ARE YOU!

Much love,


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