Friday, October 14, 2016

Confession #11: I drive 4 hours to get my hair done...

Call it craziness, call it blonde ambition but every 3 to 4 weeks I travel about 4 hours to get my hair done. There's no logical explanation for this other than I haven't found anyone in my town or nearby San Antonio to do my hair the way I like it.

It hasn't always been this way. I actually stumbled upon the colorist hair genius that is Ana, very randomly. A trip to visit family and a casual conversation in a mall led me to elements salon. The rest is history. Well, maybe not history but certainly the most perfect platinum blonde hair to ever grace my head. 

This was a few years ago, before my wedding or having a baby. I continued to see Ana for a while, but as the wedding grew near, I had to find a closer option for my beauty ritual. After the wedding life got busy as a newlywed and soon to be mother, and platinum wasn't practical. My blonde ambition got shelved as I delved into motherhood.

Then one day, I awoke from the slumber and my soul cried out summoning the blonde that lived inside of me. I actually found another angel/hair stylist. Her name was Kim. She is  a pastor's wife I met during a conference. A woman who loved women and I was blessed to have known her. As she dyed and cut and styled my hair each month, we would share stories of our toddlers and the messiness of ministry. Until one day, the Lord called them back home...to Virginia!!! Ugh!!! I had finally found some one local I loved and the Lord sent her away. What was a girl to do?

It took me a while, but for some reason I felt like I was supposed to find Ana again. Go back to Houston. Crazy as it sounds, I knew that whatever it was that the Lord had for me at that salon, it was way more than my hair. See, I'm sure it might come across as high maintenance and pretentious to drive 4 hours because there's no one good enough here. I would think the same thing. 

But God. God had a plan.

I slowly got back into the rhythm. Ana got my hair on track and I got to know her more and more with each visit. Hopefully one day I'll be able to share a little bit of Ana's story and how it's blown me away and blessed me in so many ways. But it's not my story to tell. And since I'm the ultimate procrastinator, none of these posts are planned until I sit down each night to type them. In other words, no time for me to ask Ana permission to share a glimpse into her life.

I will tell you this...I drive 4 hours to get my hair done...I drive 4 hours because my soul gets filled with life, love, and laughter with every visit. It's not about the hair...it's not about my appearance...it's about the beauty that's created between the women that sit around Ana's table each time I visit.

Much love,

**This is part of the 31 day series: Confessions of a Faithonista**

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